Mobile Marketing revolutionized

Mobile. It’s with you wherever you are.

Not only that, it is now and will continue to be, the primary channel in which people communicate, search, receive information and even be entertained.

For brands, reaching and engaging your target customers via mobile is a must.

Even if your media and communication channels of choice are traditional ones, having the ability to add a mobile channel would hugely enhance the marketing journey especially for re-targeting and re-engagement.

However, this is easier said than done.

Unless yours is one of the very few brands who can garner a high proportion of your customers to download and keep your app, your only means via mobile are mobile web, app pages on social media, or email or SMS.

But what if there is a more powerful way to reach your customers’ smartphones?

Now there is

Mobile notifications are powerful. In terms of marketing communications, people are 7-8 times more responsive towards mobile notifications than to SMS or email. Having the ability to communication via notifications gives your brand the most powerful mobile channel to customer’s mobiles. But how can this be done without an app?

Giving brands a channel to deliver your ads and communications via mobile notifications.

h.@ctiv8 has harnessed the built-in functionalities of the iPhone and Android platforms to enable brands to message, notify and re-target via mobile notifications, without the need for any third party app.

Leveraging the native wallet apps, h.@ctiv8 lets brands deliver direct mobile notifications in a number of clever ways. These apps (Apple Wallet and Google Pay) are preloaded onto many phones and were not only created for use with Apple Pay and Google Pay, but also designed to house store vouchers, flight online boarding passes, cinema tickets, as well as brand loyalty cards.

Once target customers have downloaded these vouchers or cards into their phones, h.@ctiv8 enables brands to deliver notifications at your desired timings, or at your selected locations so that customers are notified at places (such as your stores), where you’d like to speak with them.

Not only that, our solutions enable true geo-fence targeting capabilities so that brands can tailor communications to demographics at places they can be found at.

Endless opportunities

Communicate. Gain Loyalty. Activate.

With a direct channel into customers’ mobiles via live notifications, the possibilities for your brand to engage, maintain relations and activate your customers will be made more effective.

  • Update on brand and product news and events
  • Send customized information to build loyalty
  • Invite customers to enjoy new promotions and activations

Data and ROI

Not only does h.@ctiv8 provide brands with the most powerful mobile marketing and communication channel in ways which contextualize engagement by time and location, we provide full data tracking in real time so that you can maximize your ROI.

With the impending removal of both 3rd party cookies by Google and IDFA by Apple, the ability to collect 1st party data is increasingly a priority for brands. h.@ctiv8 provides the ideal mobile tools and channel to facilitate that, giving brands the ability to record consumer interactions including purchases such as what, where, when and how much.

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to the next level.

Truly reach your customers live on
their mobile phones.

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